September 15 Drug & Violence Prevention Workshop for Schools

CDRC: PRC wants to make sure that each of our 30 school districts in Northeast Arkansas is aware and pre- registered for the September 15 workshop focusing on  training, resources, & networking.

The workshop will be conducted by Robert Hess, founder and consultant for Hess III Consulting: an Arizona based firm targeting community, organizational and individual empowerment projects.

This class is worth six (6) Continuing Education Hours.  Please make plans for you & one other school staff to attend this informative drug and violence prevention workshop.

For more info, contact Otistene Smith (Department of Education) at or 501-683-5423. To register for September, call 501-569-8237.

Little Rock  Farm Bureau  10720 Kanis Road  Little Rock, AR 72211 (501) 569-8237

September 15, 2011    9 am – 4 pm

Attendees will learn what sustainability planning is and its benefits, how format sustainability plans can be written, and the key components of how to facilitate a sustainability planning session in their schools.

The discussions will review the framework of sustainability planning and its implications for continuity of drug and violence prevention efforts after the funding has sunset.

September 15 is going to be an awesome day of training, resources, and networking with other schools.  Be sure and pre-register up to 2 school staff per district.




Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment-APNA

The 2010 Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment (APNA) results are available to you. APNA gives counties and regions a snapshot of ATOD use by youth, as well as the Risk and Protective Factors.

The APNA results can be viewed at or at

These surveys were administered to 6,8,10, and 12th grade students in the school districts across the state. Of the 30 districts in Northeast Arkansas (Region 4), 28 of them participated, yielding valuable data for many uses including improvement, planning, evaluation, and grants.

THANKS to our schools in Region 4!

(Clay, Craighead, Greene, Lawrence, Mississippi, Poinsett and Randolph are the counties in PRC Region 4).



APNet-Voice of Prevention

APNet, invites you to help “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” in changing and improving our communities and state! APNet is the group for prevention professionals and friends of prevention.

Membership is only $10 a person for students (with valid student ID or letter from advisor) and $20 for adults. Group memberships are available for only $10 per person when  joining in groups of 5, or multiples of  5 (5,10,15…95).

To learn more about this statewide prevention association and membership information, visit

Several trainings and events are available FREE each year to APNet members. All members receive a membership card, lapel pin, newsletters, and dates of prevention workshops.

APNet advocates for prevention issues with policy and decision makers. Prevention is about reducing risk factors while developing protective factors.

A large number & network of members strengthens the Voice of Prevention & its Influence.


Local County Coalitions in NE Arkansas

NE Arkansas can be proud of each of our county coalitions and their prevention work and accomplishments. Adults, youth, health workers, schools, communities, businesses, law enforcement, and other sectors within each county have joined together to: 1) promote substance use/abuse prevention as a part of health and healthcare reform and prevention strategy,  2) build healthier and safer community environments, & 3) empower people to make healthy choices.

The coalitions are:  Clay County Prevention Coalition; Out of the Dark Coalition in Craighead County;  Greene County Prevention Coalition & TAC;  ATOD Coalition of Lawrence County & YIA;  Mississippi Co. Prevention Coalition & MCCTFA; Poinsett County Partners in Health Coalition; and Randolph County Cornerstone Coalition & YIA.

For more information on joining, contact Dorothy Newsom, PRC Coordinator in NE AR at


This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody,  Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody   would do it.  Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done!

WHICH ‘BODY’ ARE YOU?   Join your County Coalition




Permament RX Drop Boxes in NE Arkansas

The first PERMANENT Rx Drug box in NEA was in Lawrence County. Sheriff Jody Dotson and the ATOD Coalition led the way in this prevention accomplishment of reducing the availability of drugs. The proper disposal of unwanted drugs, keeping our water supplies safe, is another accomplishment of this environmental drug prevention strategy.

There are plans underway for a 2nd PERMANENT Rx Drop Box in NEA, in Craighead County. Skip Mooney and Out of the Dark Coalition (ODC) are working on this task to make it a reality.

Randolph County Cornerstone Coalition and Sheriff Tribble are also working on a 3rd PERMANENT RX Drop Box in NEA, located in Randolph County.

CRDC:PRC is proud of these three counties and their coalitions for all their prevention work.  Be sure and properly dispose of your unused and outdated scripts.




Media Campaign to Change Norms

What better resource than YOUTH to lead a campaign to change negative perceptions about themselves? That’s just what youth from around the country are doing and it’s working!

Research proves that perception of drug use is a KEY factor for youth in their own choices of whether or not to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

This normative media campaign in NEA is based upon the Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment (APNA) Data.  This campaign has been coordinated by Mark Degges.

Mark, a senior at U of A, interned and worked with CRDC:PRC & each of the seven county coalitions in  Northeast Arkansas (NEA) to make this poster campaign a success!

This marketing prevention strategy promotes ‘healthy mindsets and lifestyles’, including youth staying drug-free and making wise choices in everyday life.

Prevention is also about increasing protective factors. Some protective factors are drug-free teens being role models for youth, leadership experiences for teens, and positive community service projects for youth. Other protective  factors are recognition of youth for making wise choices, youth bonding to their schools, communities, and counties.

The poster campaign reflects the fact that the majority of our teens are not smoking  cigarettes, using tobacco products, drinking, smoking pot, or participating in prescription drug parties.

Posters are professionally designed and printed. Schools, churches, businesses, factory break rooms, offices, restaurants, community centers, gyms, medical facilities, and other places are the recruitment sites for the posters.

The Prevention Coalition in each NEA county, CRDC: PRC, & ADAP provided the funding for this media campaign, marketing specific county APNA Data.

Coalitions,  in each county, exist only because of community volunteers and leaders. A special THANKS to you.

Did you know…. most of our teens do not use ATOD:

Alcohol (past 30 day use) dropped from 19.8% in 2007-08 to 15.7% in 2010-11

Binge Drinking decreased from 13.5% in 2007-08 to 9.9% in 2010-11

Cigarette (past 30 days) fell from 12.9% in 2007-08 to 11.2% in 2010-11

Chewing Tobacco (past 30 day use) remained in 7-8% range over the past 4 years

The Community Risk of Perceived Availability of Drugs plummeted to 28% this year from 34% 4 years ago.

* Data from APNA




2011 Teen Contest of Song or Music Video-October 10 Deadline

MusiCares and the GRAMMY Foundation, the two nonprofit organizations of The Recording Academy, are conducting a contest for young musicians ages 14-18.

The participants are to compose or create an original song and/or music video that explores, encourages, and celebrates a healthy lifestyle, or that accurately depicts a story about drug abuse and its toll of addiction.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Director Dr. Nora D. Volkow says this competition gives teens a unique opportunity to express and share their experiences and feelings about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle or the devastations of drug abuse and addiction.

The Grammy Foundation works in partnership with its founder, The Recording Academy, to bring national attention to important issues such as the value and impact of music and arts education and the urgency of  preserving our rich cultural     heritages.

Entries must be no more than three minutes long, and must be sent to MusiCares, postmarked no later than Monday, October 10.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to see youth from Northeast Arkansas (NEA) win this contest?  Help spread the word!


Ms. Erica Krusen   MusiCares and GRAMMY Foundation Teen Substance Abuse Music Contest    3030 Olympic Boulevard    Santa Monica, CA 90404  POSTMARK BY OCT. 10



Tobacco Laws-FYI

Arkansas Tobacco Control and CRDC: PRC are hosting two Tobacco Workshops in Jonesboro on Tuesday, May 31. These workshops are targeting merchants and clerk who sell tobacco products and community members who are interested in healthy communities.

For more information about these free workshops, call CRDC: PRC at 870-933-0033, 926-9663, or

Hope to see you there!

Women’s Faith Conference-September 24, 2011

There will be a Women’s Autumn Faith Conference in Northeast Arkansas on Saturday, September 24 from 10am to 1:30. This conference is for women of ALL faiths. The Rock Church has graciously volunteered their facilities for the site  of the Ladies Faith Conference.  For more information, contact Dorothy Newsom at or call 870-926-9663. Hope to see you and your friends on September 24.


Special speakers                                                              Group Discussions

Music                                                                                     Door Prizes

Helpful Workshops                                                          Refreshments

New Friends



ADH Recalling Lazy Cakes-Get Involved

Friends of Prevention:

Fox 16 has picked up on the news release…see link below.  I sent the press release to Ann Hines of the Oil Marketers Association and Michael Langley of Alcohol Beverage Control to solicit their help in notifying potential vendors they might notify.  Feel free to forward these messages to vendors as well.

The Arkansas Department of Health is recalling all “Lazy Cakes” because the product contains melatonin which has not been approved for general food use.

Terrence R. Love  Prevention Resource Center 6
Community Service, Inc.   Morrilton, AR 72110
Phone: 501-354-4589   Cell: 501-472-6632

NEA is thankful for Terry and his watchful eye on prevention and sharing with PRC Region 4-NEA.

Get involved in your community and county.  Join the local Prevention Coalition in your county and “make a difference”! For more information about how to get involved in your community, contact Dorothy Newsom at or call 870-926-9663.

Terry Love is President of APNet-Arkansas Prevention Network. APNet is a group of people concerned about prevention and are the “Voice of Prevention”.  APNet has a website that you may want to explore and learn more about this advocacy group.